It is now official, the Yellow House Dream Repair Workshop claims its own existence. This workshop brings together artists, friends and family to create art. We work with furniture, bookmaking, photography, and poetry among other things. All our work is done with the spirit of social consciousness as it relates to art. People participate in many ways. We paint, we create events, we resuscitate furniture and other objects that are either given to us, found on the street or bought at thrift stores. We give life to things that have been discarded. During the pandemic, this workshop has given life to us. The heart of the Dream Repair Workshop is Quique, Delia Beristain Noriega, Miguel Castro Luna, and some of the most beautiful and creative kids in the Yellow House's neighborhood. 

The idea for the workshop was born years ago when I became fascinated by what a coat of paint can do to a rejected piece of furniture . The U.S. is perhaps one of the most wasteful countries in the world; if something is scratched or stained people throw things away. It all started with a set of four canvas chairs a friend of mine was about to throw away because they were "Dirty." I figured I could paint them and revive them. I did. And I have been painting furniture since then. As a matter of fact more than twenty years later I still have two of the chairs. The samples you see here are just that samples of the work that I do. Most of these pieces have sold as soon as I have painted them. Some I still have.

If you are interested in any of these pieces or having something restored please contact me directly. See contact description below.