The Poems in the Immigrant Museum are a collection of poetry that speaks specifically to plight of the latino community in the United States and the contradictions of identity and race. All of the poems are companions to monologues that have been written and preformed over the last thirty years. The poems are written mostly in english with some spanish. This is a reflection of the reality that i have lived for most of my life in the United States. Given that I mostly write for audiences ,not readers ,the Immigrant Museum was conceived as an attempt to bring these performance poems to a wider audience. In the early 2000's I met a group of young book binders in Mexico City and we struck up a friendship that lead to the conceptualizing of an art book that would have texture in its pages and  playful and in its design. This process took over a year and in 2003 a thousand books were printed but only seven hundred had covers. The books were brought to the U.S. in batches and sold in performances and events. After some of the leftover three hundred books were found in boxes in Mexico City  about a year ago,an agreement was reached to relaunch the book.This time this time with a similar but different cover. The content and the order of the poems remains the same as the original.